When you make a booking the payment gets held in escrow with our payment provider Mangopay, meaning it is held securely with them. The money is kept there until 48 hours after the event at which point we will release the money to the business. If you cancel or the business cancels due to weather conditions then we can refund your money at anytime at a click of a button!
Yes, payments on Beach Buddy are very safe. Our payment provider Mangopay handles all payments on our behalf. They adhere to the highest security standards and are compliant with EU payment regulation. No payments or payment details are processed directly by Beach Buddy which means we do not have access to this information.

It depends. If you receive a booking confirmation your card will be debited at that time. If you receive a Booking request (where the business cannot accept instant bookings) we use something called pre-authorisation. This means your card will only be debited when your booking is confirmed.

If you’re booking request gets declined or you cannot do a rescheduled time then we will automatically cancel the pre-authorisation and you will not be charged.

Please note that some Greek, Italian and Spanish banks still debit the pre-authorised amount immediately and hold it themselves. If the booking is declined then the bank will refund you within 7 days.

No, at the moment you can only pay in Euros (EUR).
All payments are handled online via our payment provider MangoPay. We accept most credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard).
Yes! To secure your booking we take your payment details through our payment provider Mangopay who securely process the payment and hold your money in escrow. Neither the business or ourselves have access to your money until 48 hours after the event, at which point we will release the money to the business. This means that your payment is secure and you don't have to worry about the unlikely event of a business closing or not existing. MangoPay is an approved electronic money institution by the Financial Sector Regulator (CSSF).
We are very lucky in Greece that the weather is pretty amazing most of the time but some activities require certain weather conditions for them to be worth whileor safe. e.g. no wind makes kitesurfing impossible! Or waves will make waterskiing unsafe. In these situations the Service Providers will make the decision as to whether theweather conditions are suitable for the activity to go ahead. On the rare occasions the business feel the activity cannot go ahead they will contact you and arrange an alternative time for the activity. If you cannot find a suitable alternative time then you will be able to cancel and get a full refund.
In the unlikely event that a Service Provider cannot proceed with providing you the package you ordered, they will contact you in advance and offer you some alternative times or dates. If none of them are satisfactory to you just contact us at info@beachbuddyapp.com and we will sort everything out for you.
If you want to cancel your booking then please email us at info@beachbuddyapp.com. Please include the email address, booking reference number and date you did the booking and we will cancel the booking in line with the Service Providers cancellation policy.
It depends on the Service Provider and the cancellation policy they have chosen. Information on our cancellation policy can be found here.
We would always recommend arriving 15 minutes in advance of the start time and you should always consider how long it takes to get somewhere including finding somewhere to park. It is not unusual in Greece to struggle to find a parking spot so we always suggest allowing plenty of time to arrive. Some activities include transfers to and from the activity and this time will be even earlier than the package time, but you will agree this with the business directly and they will tell you where and when to be ready.
The meeting point is indicated in the package description and in your confirmation emai
Please check your spam and junk mail folders in the first instance. If there is nothing there please contact us at info@beachbuddyapp.com and we will find out what is going on!
If you want to change the date or the time or your booking then please contact us at info@beachbuddyapp.com and we will do everything we can to accommodate you, but it will depend on the availability of the Service Provider providing the activity. If they cannot change it to your new time or find another alternative then you will have the option to cancel and be refunded according to the cancellation policy of the specific package.
You may be able to make a change to your booking but it will depend on the Service Provider's availability. We will contact the provider for you and see what can be done, but there are no guarantees that they will be able to accommodate you. If your request cannot be met and you wish to cancel your booking then we will treat it as a cancellation in line with the cancellation policyof the specific package.
It depends on what you have booked. Some of the activities will need additional information from you prior to the event e.g. your height and weight for the wetsuit, or your accommodation details to arrange the pick up and drop off points.
The Service Provider will offer you an alternative session via email as soon as possible. If you’re not available for this new time then you have the option to decline. If you decline we will cancel your booking request and refund your payment automatically. Allow for 3-5 working days for the refund to appear to your bank statement
You will receive a Booking Confirmation email from us. The email will include details of the package, the date, time and meeting point. It will also include any important information you need to be aware of and anything you need to bring with you on the day. If you have not received an email, please contact us at info@beachbuddyapp.com and we will find out what is going on!
Some businesses are unable to accept instant bookings and they have to check that they can accommodate you at your chosen time. Therefore, to make things as quick and efficient as possible an email is automatically sent to them advising them of your booking request and they will either, accept, reschedule or decline your booking. Most businesses respond very quickly (within 2 hours) but responses can take up to 24 hours. If they cannot accommodate you at your selected time they will suggest to you a different time or date. You can accept or decline this new offer. If you decline it your payment will be cancelled automatically. Allow for 3-5 working days for the refund to show in your bank statement.
If the activity you have booked allows for instant bookings you will receive a booking confirmation email immediately. If the activity you have booked does not accept instant bookings you will receive a 'Your booking has been requested' email immediately and the Service Provider will get back to you within 24 hours to either confirm the booking or provide an alternative date or time. If you haven’t received an email from us or the business, please check your spam, junk or promotional folders! If you still haven't received anything please contact us at info@beachbuddyapp.com and we will get it sorted!
No, not at all! You can show the booking confirmation on your phone 🙂
In some cases yes, but the majority of businesses need at least 24 hrs notice or more due to the high demand or logistics. Therefore, we recommend booking a few days in advance. For the activities which last several days or include courses, booking up to a week in advance is usual due to all the planning that is needed.
You will choose the date and time of your first session on Beach Buddy and then you will arrange the date and time of the other sessions directly with the business.

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